Linda Franklin, LCSW
  • Panic, worry, obsessiveness, fear, anxiety
  • Trauma, upsetting memories, overwhelming experiences
  • Grief, loss, hurt, jealousy
  • Shame, humiliation, embarrassment
  • Anger, rage
  • Depression, sadness, sorrow
These are the emotions that bring most people into therapy, whether they are seeking help for relationship problems, childhood abuse, major losses, traumatic experiences or disabling depression.  Most therapists offer traditional talk therapy of one kind or another.  While this has been proven to be helpful, it is often slow and painful to achieve desired results.  

I offer a combination of talk therapy along with the original emotional freedom technique developed by Dr. Roger Callahan and called Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  TFT can rapidly relieve the above symptoms, freeing you to more effectively problem solve and cope with whatever life problems you have. One of its most immediate benefits is to relieve stress and induce relaxation.  The process combines principles of Western and Eastern healing methods, using energy points in the body to release emotional distress.  TFT is one of the new tapping therapies which are gaining such credence in my field of psychotherapy.  By working at the energy level that we know is the basis of life, it is quicker and simpler to promote relief.   Since training with Dr. Callahan in 1989, I have helped thousands of clients just like you to recover from conditions that have been preventing them from reaching their full potential and enjoying the happiness we are all looking for.  

In addition to offering TFT, I can help you work through longer-term issues of self-esteem, abuse and victimization, using deeper approaches to self-exploration and integration.  It is possible to heal the tragic effects of childhood abuse and neglect and to free yourself from the destructive relationship patterns you may have developed as a result.  You can be a better partner, parent, employee and overall person and have much greater satisfaction in your life.

A particular interest of mine is to help people who have experienced a frequently unrecognized kind of loss which is referred to as "adoption loss."  If you are a woman or man who is either an adoptee or a parent who lost your child to adoption, I would like to help you.     Birthparents, whether in the closed adoptions of decades past or in the more modern open adoption system experience grief, which is often lifelong.  Many adoptees also need help to deal with issues of being given up by their original parents.

I have been helping people to cope with and recover from the above problems for thirty-five years and would like to help you, too.  I strongly believe that any therapy must be based on caring and compassion in order to be truly helpful.  I integrate my own deeply held values of caring, compassion, kindness, patience, tolerance and a sense of humor into all my work.

It is always difficult to make that first contact to ask for help, but I encourage you to call or email me now if any of the problems described above are getting in your way.  We will have a brief initial consultation and make plans to begin right away to help you improve your life.







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