Linda Franklin, LCSW


Since first being licensed in 1983, I have worked in a multitude of settings, seeing a great variety of clients with their presenting problems.  At the present time, I have returned to part-time private practice with adult clients suffering from self esteem issues, anxiety, panic, phobias, depression, trauma, victimization, relationship problems, adoption loss issues, stress, and medical problems.  Previous work experience includes almost fourteen years at Kaiser treating all the above problems in out-patient psychiatry and chemical dependency  programs, six years in private practice in Southern California, four years working half-time with patients with chronic pain and half-time with those suffering from brain injuries due to strokes and head trauma, two years working with end-stage renal disease patients in a dialysis clinic, and six years serving the needs of the developmentally disabled.

I have been honored to be invited into the hearts and souls of thousands of clients and trusted to work with them to resolve their issues.  Through three and a half decades of training and experience, I have come to believe that we are all doing the best we know how to.  Though education is critical in my field, wisdom, compassion, and generosity of spirit are equally valuable.  These are gained through working through our own issues and life challenges as therapists, and I have done that work. 

Additionally, I am trained and highly experienced in a neuroenergetic approach, Thought Field Therapy, which allows extremely rapid results in reducing many of the negative emotions.  With use of this energy based approach, anxiety, phobias, obsessive thoughts, trauma and stress symptoms can often be reduced and eliminated quickly and comfortably.  The results of this approach are often described by clients as "amazing".  

If you are seeking short-term relief, our use of Thought Field Therapy together may be your best opportunity.  If, on the other hand, you are interested in exploring deep, underlying issues that are connected to painful childhood or sometimes adult experiences, I am able to safely and compassionately enter and help work through those painful places with you. 






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